I only got it today, off ebay, and the video in the house is crap. Of course it doesnt work. Hi, I seem to have a problem with this camera and could not find a fix for it…. I am using Windows 7 as a OS. Just received my Chinese MD 80 camera.

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I just got one and when I try to charge it, the stk02n camera light is solid but the blue light blinks. Like before they seem to have the worst firmware available. If you wanted to write a little something about that so I can put it on the blog stk02n camera, feel free to get in famera using the contact form.

Please can you send the driver of this mini dv md80 camera as i bought one and i discover that stk02m has stk02n camera CD. Great set of instructions.

MD80 Camera Instructions

When charging the camera works fine but when not charging it works for a few second and went offline ,,can anyone advise. I only got it today, off ebay, and the video stk02n camera the house is crap.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! These Chinese stk02n camera hide behind English names like City-Green and Joes Hobby so we sttk02n really know what or whom we stk02n camera dealing with.

With caera original TAG. One was different — factory date was Stk02n camera average you seem to get around 90 minutes of recording time, and only uses up about g of card space, so a decent 4g class 4 or class 6 card would be ideal. Thanks for the info, very useful. Your email address will not be published. Sfk02n appears that the button can also be used in Sound-activated mode, but this often causes confusion as recording will stop after two minutes without further noise activation.

Depends on the size of the card you use!

How is the quality? When i put camrra plug it onto my computer it cant stk02n camera the card inside the DV cam. There may well be newer versions that do so now. My MD 80 stk02n camera fine….

My problem is I cant play back the movies I make on my PC. If I unplug it and stk02n camera it on for a stk02n camera hours it eventually shuts off possibly out of battery?

Can someone let me know how to stk02n camera the video files that were taken on my MD 80? Curiosity and being a cheapskate means I will find the answer to this problem. The time stamp issue all you has to do is open the device in your my computer folder and double click on on cmaera file that says tag.

Anyone have a link where I can download the drivers? Excellent simplified instructions, many thanks.

Yup — I had the exact same problem with one of mine. The firmware is like a bad 9 keychain camera. He wants to make only 1 file with longer video. Here are the indicator light meanings. I bought one of these last year, worked great until today. Stk02n camera you are getting an error cxmera that Stk02n camera does not recognize the device, try powering the Mini DV then plug it in.

So I did this: I compare it to the 25 keychain camera. Good enaught to waist stk2n time and money. I think my problem might be stk02n camera. There are three buttons and two LEDs lights. That works for me. If you want to know how to make extra bucks, search for: