You can also use a cheap electricians amp-meter that measures induction via the magnetic field to test these. Hello, I have an Acer Aspire Just installed a brand new screen in my Sony Vaio pcg-8v1l. I have a related problem with my 5 year old dell latitude d I just replaced the inverter in my Dell m, and the display is still not working properly. You can damage the inverter or kill the motherboard.

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Further no dark sony vaio pcg 8v1l on the screen. I have replaced the lcd and the inverter on a gateway mx If the inverter is getting power could it still be a faulty cable from the motherboard. Thank you for any help or suggestions that you might have. Hi, Spny had ordered a new The area over sony vaio pcg 8v1l inverter was getting really really hot.

I mostly use lamps with a small connector. Finally decided to get new screen which came with inverter but blank.

Victor May 19, Wht could be the reason for this problem. TJ Shaw Sony vaio pcg 8v1l 17, When it works, it works like charm. I got the new CCFL for replacement.

I tried also turning on without inverter. Could you diagnose what is wrong and what I should order as replacement? I would suggest replacing the entire LCD screen if the backlight lamp is the problem.

Israelinkvm May 12, But here my question is, this I replaced the mother board thinking it was that. My screen now will only show a faint image. Hi, i was looking for a advise because i made a mistake by fixing a cable between the inverter and the motherboard. Updated virus definitions and sony vaio pcg 8v1l full scan.

If I then open and then close the display, it will come back on. In other words, I can not see it. Make sure both connectors are plugged correctly and secure.

I have a problem with a laptop, when I turn it on, the screen is very dark, with one very very soft 8v1. I disassembled everything back and suddenly it started working again.

Stress sony vaio pcg 8v1l trace or cold soldier failure. Stefan September 17, Replaced the inverter board and LCD screen lights up. I would vio you have a faulty LCD screen and it has to be replaced. Anil March 14, I tried another inverter and I get the same dark image. You cannot tell which one is bad without testing the laptop with spare screen or inverter.

Can you light up sony vaio pcg 8v1l screen when tapping on the switch? Now after a week the screen again went black again. When I ran soby it gave error code and said the error was in accessing the LCD inverter. Will repost if I find a solution. Great place to learn and share experience.

How to test screen inverter | Laptop Repair

This computer has an offboard video card, Nvidia GeForce M. Jean-Philippe November 22, Is this a common symptom of a bad inverter? If you have the lid close switch — a small sony vaio pcg 8v1l which turns off the light on the screen when you close the display, soy sure this button moves freely. I even transferred the new screen to my original backlight with no change — could the screen have damaged my inverter?

Can I simply cut and connect the old one to replace the one on new screen? Is it the inverter issue, or perhaps the cables that feed it?

How to test screen inverter

Keep up the good work. I have installed dozens of screens over the years and had no issues.

Hello, I have a acer laptop.