Where do you recommend I get one? Most likely this is some kind of hardware related problem. Dave July 23, I really dont know what is the problem so I hope that someone will help me before I go to a computer repair shop and pay another bucks so my laptop will be fix. Can you test the laptop with an external monitor? Could you possibly give me a hint of anything I can do? Hey, I had this problem just now.

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Is it possible to of gotten 2 bad LCD screens in a row? Did you replace the inverter sony vaio pcg-7y1m and LCD cable at the same time? My T has a white screen.

LCD screen turned completely white

Gamer July 14, John M May 15, I have a c, it has heating issue and sony vaio pcg-7y1m inch lcd. Bob October 12, My LCD pannel is join to 4 pin. Which could possibly be eony without getting a new mobo, but very sony vaio pcg-7y1m. What do you think? Try reconnecting both modules.

Lieferschein als Garantiebeleg? (Computer, Recht)

Be careful when you buy a cracked screen for test. I tested pcg-7y1mm with an external monitor, the external monitor was fine but the laptop screen was still white. I have a HP Sony vaio pcg-7y1m dv and it works fine. Hi, I recently dropped my Toshiba Satellite A and the screen cracked.

LCD screen turned completely white | Laptop Repair

Could be a problem with the motherboard. I have a similar problem where my toshiba M screen goes totally blank or the picture becomes unsteady. Yes the screen flickers only for a second as the laptop is turning on or switching between displays, and as I play with the spny. Just remove it from the connector on the sony vaio pcg-7y1m of the LCD and then connect back.

But then after while these color dots would cover the screen and it would go white. Where do you recommend I get one? Try installing the old screen back into the laptop.

Anas October 16, A new screen with higher resolution might require a sony vaio pcg-7y1m video cable. When I unplugged sony vaio pcg-7y1m monitor and tried to go back to just the lcd screen, now I have nothing — black screen. Hello I have sony vaio pcg-7y1m Dell During working and restarting it used to happen. If the problem still there, this is motherboard issue. When you have a problem with the CCFL bulb, you still should be able to use your laptop with an external monitor attached to pch-7y1m VGA port.

Can you test the laptop with an external monitor?

I have HP laptop for about 2 years. But then my sis gave me a big binder clip and i squeeze that on the top so i dont sony vaio pcg-7y1m to hold it.

The machine has hardly any usage on it about hours asit was only used by my wife when she went on vacation. Broken screen 1 month ago walking over it I replaced screen and LED cable, brand new. Also, this video that shows you how to take the screen off helped me quite a big sony vaio pcg-7y1m Helvis May sony vaio pcg-7y1m, First, I would make sure the video cable is seated correctly.

As a lay person, I was told it was a fibre problem.

Also, this can be a problem with the motherboard or graphics card. A temporary sony vaio pcg-7y1m is just pressing the screen down at random places or tilting the laptop screen.

Have replaced LCD screen, but same fault occurs. I always check the video cable connection first. All I did was take the battery out just to suck the power out of the screen. Hehe, you know why Sony vaio pcg-7y1m am here. In you case I would try disconnecting the cable from the motherboard and only after that testing the laptop with an external monitor. sony vaio pcg-7y1m

There is 30pin 40pin and 50pin connectors and also these three some times are led connectors too. Running the laptop with an external monitor sort of defeats the portability factor. And I pcg-7g1m experienacing sony vaio pcg-7y1m white screen. New monitors are cheap these days. MGB August 23, In certain positions it is fine.