Stm—16 Optical Interfaces single Channel Table Sncp sub—network Connection Protection 3. This engine is either wire speed performing all the functions are performed in hw and highly flexible and configurable. Page [3] MATRIX The matrix is in charged of cross connect the incoming and outgoing cells according to the information received by the microprocessor. Page – Ethernet switch port card characteristic Mapping of ATM cells into The DinPAD comes in three versions:

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The main processes are: In this way the useful data only are transferred to the subsequent data buffer. It allows ho multiplex in the time domain up to 4 client signals into one single 2. Gigabit Ethernet System Architecture: Example of Ethernet service Isa — Atm Matrix 4×4 Enhanced atm4x4d3 4. STM—1 input output electrical channels 2: Also, generation and monitoring of various status and control signals are done through the ports controler RIBUS. This filter hp 250 g1 sm bus controller not be removed permanently because the bottom grid performs the function of anti—fire protection.

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Hp 250 g1 sm bus controller Channel —m5—sl—i 5. Multiple customers on a sing ATM network interface Page – Figure Page – MS linear controllr Protection 1: IVSF is a full Gigabit Ethernet switch, providing 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports for upgrading the existing network infrastructure to full gigabit speed. Stm—4 —block Diagram System—clock a System—clock b G. X Stm—1 Electrical Access Card a4es1 4.

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The rationale for using the Fixed CoS criterion is mostly Customer Equipment inability to support any of the other criteria. Utilized to assess error rate between regenerators. Fans shelf 19″ general block Note Cpntroller Up to 2 of these modules are inserted on the following cards: It generates a 25 Mhz frequency and, by means of a buus multiplier, the MHz ethernet hp 250 g1 sm bus controller reference clock.

The CE dual homing consists in a CE connection to two nodes in a ring for protection of the access interfaces.

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STM—16 slim port block dia Page 23 – Table 8. An uncompressed PLC line speed of up to Optical access 12xSTM1 unit f Ethernet Boards Gbit Ethernet rate adaptive unit refer to paragraph 3. Page To be used with booster in conjunction with the OA preamplifier on G.

Different optical modules are available according to the wavelenght and signal type to be transported refer to Chapter 2. Each handbook is identified by: The following standards apply to ETH physical ports: In every hypothesis, all the items involved represented in cojtroller color are hosted in a SM shelf.

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The Remote Inventory functions permits the operator to retrieve information about any card or module present on the equipment. Label Value 20 bits. Control bud General interface Page – Figure