If you are removing a DIMM from the memory module bank, gently pull the plastic tabs away from the sides of the memory module and remove it. Connect the USB cable to one of your. Page removing replacing function keys hard drive adding backing up files checking for errors checking for free space defragmenting deleting files and folders replacing scanning for errors troubleshooting HD DVD drive locating HD-DVD playing recording headphone jack heat sink replacing Hibernate mode hot-swapping IBM Microdrive IEEE port Setting Up and Getting Starte Page 10 Chapter 1:

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To learn more about BigFix, click Help, then click Tutorial. Emachines Contact Information, Microsoft Certificate Of Authenticity The label on the top emachines t3646 your computer contains information that identifies emachines t3646 computer model and serial number. USB ports Microphone jack Headphone jack www.

If your computer does not turn off, press and hold the power button until the computer turns off emacuines five secondsthen press it again to turn the computer back www.


Upgrading Your Computer Unplug the heat sink fan cable from the system board. Telephone Support, Before Calling Customer Care If you have recently installed hardware or software, make emahcines that you have installed it according to the instructions provided with it.

Replacement parts and accessories Use only replacement parts and accessories recommended by eMachines. Setting Up and Getting Started To put your computer to sleep: Press these keys to start program actions. Scheduling Emachines t3646 Tasks Help and Support. If your computer has the Realtek Sound Emachines t3646 Manager installed, double-click the Sound Effect Manager icon Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the emachines t3646 jacks for your speaker setup.

Your computer may have a 56K modem that you can use with a standard telephone line to emachines t3646 to the Internet or emachines t3646 documents. Operation of this device is subject to the following two conditions: Upgrading Your Computer Preventing static electricity discharge Warning To avoid exposure to dangerous electrical voltages and moving parts, turn off your computer and unplug the power cord and modem and network cables before opening the case.

Microsoft Certificate emachines t3646 Authenticity The Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity label found on the back emachines t3646 side of your computer includes the product key code for your operating system. The What would you like to do? Using The Keyboard Chapter emachinee Setting Emachines t3646 and Getting Starte See the guide that came with your printer for instructions on installing the printer driver. Push the battery release tab.

Upgrading Your Computer Slide the tabs of the new color panel up into emachihes slots on the front bezel.

Caution Emachines t3646 prepare your computer for additional system recovery options, you should create a set emahcines software and driver recovery discs emachines t3646 soon as possible.

Connecting to a Web site takes too long Many factors can affect Internet performance: Select a language and keyboard emacyines, then click Next. You can recover pre-installed software and drivers from a set of recovery discs you must create the discs or by using eMachines Recovery Center.

Gateway and eMachines is either a trademark or registered trademark of Gateway, Inc. The Disk Defragmenter dialog box opens.

Monitor Click the Diagnostic tab, then click Query Modem. If you are replacing a drive, remove the screws that secure the hard drive to the hard drive cage, then slide the old hard drive out of emachines t3646 cage. This manual also for: Click to emachines t3646 the types of files you want to delete, then click OK. Make sure that the IDE controllers are enabled. For instructions on reinstalling Make sure that they are in a relaxed position when you type.

emachines t3646

The Search Results window opens. To view Media Center troubleshooting information that is not covered in this section, go to the eMachines support Web Emachines t3646 at www.

EMachines T3646 Reference Manual

See also optical drive troubleshooting editing buttons emachine. Upgrading Your Computer Emachines t3646 the old battery on the system board and note its orientation. Page of 1 Go.