Prevent firmware from being built. Boot off-board chipsets first support. Support for memoryless force-feedback devices. Michael MIC keyed digest algorithm. Show timing information on printks. SLIP serial line support.

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Use old disk-only driver on primary interface. Normal floppy disk support. Enable doublefault exception handler. Physical address aipek the kernel is loaded. Interrupts on hypertransport devices.

Adaptec AIC79xx U support. Decode registers during diagnostics. Other IDE chipset support.

Linux内核配置选项 (经典学习)

qiptek Compile in Debugging Code. Select only drivers that don’t need compile-time external firmware. Voluntary Kernel Preemption Desktop.

Parallel port IDE device support. IP range match support.

Automatically append version information to the version string. Generic input layer needed for keyboard,mouse Support for user-space parallel port device drivers. Support for console on virtual terminal.

Fibre Channel driver support. Intermediate Functional Block aiptek t 8000u.

Linux内核配置选项 (经典学习) – CSDN博客

No Forced Preemption Server. Optimize for size Look out for broken compilers! Advanced Linux Sound Architecture.

Set system time from RTC on startup. Verbose SCSI error reporting. General Instruments Surfboard Enable ELF core dumps.

Twofish cipher algorithms i IPMI top-level message handler. ROM file system support. Socket and Networking Security Hooks.

Old quota format support. Scrollback Buffer Size in KB. Aiptek t 8000u Process Accounting version 3 file format. IrDA infrared subsystem support. Initial bus reset delay in milli-seconds. Kernel automounter version 4 support also supports v3. Enable DMA only for disks. Userspace firmware loading support. Include all symbols in kallsyms. Enable extended accounting over taskstats.

Aiptek t 8000u name service protocol support. Report process events to userspace. Use polling mechanism for hot-plug events.

Michael MIC keyed digest algorithm. Support for Large Single Files.