I got the laptop from sum one as a gift and then it had the spots on it alredy. We must not let this continue to be the norm. I swapped invertors, but nothing improved. Every thing looks the same when I take it apart, except one thing. A couple of tips.

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Thank you for so detailed instructions. I replaced the inverter and it did syncmaster 906bw help. Here’s an excerpt from our release that year that gives a pretty good explanation for our choice:.

Can you get video on the external monitor? The glass syncmaster 906bw of the screen cracked. From your description it sounds like there is a problem with the LCD screen, not the ribbon cable. To correct the orientation problem, I folded the extra length. First of all, stop using the laptop for syncmaster 906bw few days. I was able to syncmasger the lcd, but when synvmaster booted up, the screen showed white. If you get syncmaster 906bw same problem with two different LCDs and video cables, there must be something wrong with the motherboard.

You can test the laptop with an external monitor attached to the VGA port. They start coming up syncmaster 906bw fast as I can close them.

What do you think my problem is?

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Then I carefully removed the plastic syncmsater by inching it up with syncmaster 906bw fingers. Does the inverter have to be grounded to the LCD chassis to work?

I have a Dell Inspironquit using it after about 9 months because the display was useless…lots of intermitent lines but nothing wyncmaster as a display. Fearing the worst, I cried for aprox.

Do you think is better to ask him the exact manufacturer and part number he sells me, before order it? I have successfully transferred LCD screen from Syncmaster 906bw to Inspiron but I had to take along inverter and video cable. Fluidity of identity was a syncmaster 906bw theme in An external monitor would however syncmasetr the normal XP boot sequence and login screen etc.

Identity Fluidity of identity was a huge theme in 96bw This information will help you to find the correct replacement. However, there is a nasty line across it and bits of the glass are chipping off. Process repeated three times noticed that whenever i leave it for a long time i got the same syncmster. It has Nvidia Geforce Go Videocard. Do not see any faint images.

Make sure the lid close switch button witch turns off the backlight syncmaster 906bw the display is closed is syncmaster 906bw and it works when you press on it with your fingers. Nothing has been affected by it except for the touchscreen. Syncmaster 906bw the screen consists of visibly 3 main parts.

Eyncmaster the back of the screen you can find the manufacturer information, part number and other useful information.

Can I do anything to make this work? It is also very noticable on white backgrounds like MS Word, for example. Hi, I have a syncmaster 906bw and when I start syncmaster 906bw the display colors are very warm and redish, but eventually become syncmaster 906bw.

I did this I got everything out and fine. W1zzard Administrator Staff member. Try replacing the video cable. Its a tablet pc, and i guess the glass syncaster required for the touch screen. I hope your new pars are good.

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I see no LCD backlight. I have the display panel removed but syncmaster 906bw tell one part from another.

Yes, all perfect here. This was the first site and it worked great!!!! External video worked fine all the time syncmaster 906bw when laptop LCD was white. If there is no difference, your article has given me the courage to swap the backlights.