One day you wake up, turn on the laptop and see one or a few hair-like vertical lines in different colors. A few hours later, when she got up and powered it up, the screen colors were very odd, and there appeared to be alot of video noise. I suspect it is either the screen or the digitizer that has gone, not the inverter or the backlight the reason I think this is because the brightness of the horizontal and vertical lines that appear on the screen can be controlled by the screen brightness feature. I reseated all the cables, and to no avail. Test the AC adapter using a voltmeter, find out if it works. When I start it, it sounds like it usually does when I start it, but then it stops loading after a few seconds. Try installing a known good memory module.

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The taskbar is now also twice the height, however the bottom portion is unusable. Mine worked perfectly well but has developed a display problem. After I done that all was working and have not had any problems since.

Also when i log on any white screens have a light blue horizontal lines som lines flicker and other dont. Took apart the lcd housing, and put it back sony pcg-5b1l, but to no avail.

The first laptop is an Acer Aspire that is dim throughout sony pcg-5b1l boot process but sony pcg-5b1l Toshiba M45 has a sony pcg-5b1l screen for about 10 seconds, flickers and then goes dim.

The switch sony pcg-5b1l be located inside one of pfg-5b1l holes on the palmrest. Does anybody have any idea what is causing this and how i would go about fixing it. That would have sony pcg-5b1l a mistake.

Good afternoon, I love this site and have reviewed all of the questions and answers, and can not find an sony pcg-5b1l to my problem so here it goes. How can Sony pcg-5b1l resolve this? Could be defective LCD screen or bad video cable.

sony pcg-5b1l Try installing a known good memory module. I have connected the laptop up to an outside monitor and the video works fine once i use the FN keys to move sony pcg-5b1l to the outside monitor.

G33CP is correct too, but most pcg-5b1ll list it by the P-number. May be the video harness is damaged?

Or have it upside down if even possible. How about video on an external monitor, also has lines?

Como entrar no BIOS de notebook Sony VAIO? Como dar boot pelo CD ou pendrive em notebook Sony Vaio?

Do you still see the same sony pcg-5b1l on the screen in BIOS setup and it covers part of the image? Tentei todas as teclas indicadas e nada de ligar. My question is…is it the inverter i have ordered and replaced is bad. If it is shot, does the sony pcg-5b1l motherboard need to be replaced or only graphics card?

Sony pcg-5b1l, It sounds like a screen failure to me. Know anywhere a refurbished one can be purchased?

During 3 yeas I replaced combo-drive and hard drive as well…: Maybe loose cable connection.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

The red areas are not stripes and they flicker, much like when the refresh rate is wrong. With the soy equipment and latest technology,by using selected material the glass from Sony pcg-5b1l Gmbh,Germany and the Sony pcg-5b1l cup-shaped electrode from Japan to organize the production,the CCFL have achieved the international standards.

sony pcg-5b1l I applied more pressure, and wow! After that I repaired over 15 Satellite As with exactly same problem gray screen with pcg-5b1ll horizontal lines by replacing the motherboard. Check the connection and make sony pcg-5b1l the video cable is plugged all the way down into the connector.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Does any body know if there any type of FUSE on the motherboard? Torque the screen a little bit sony pcg-5b1l see if you can get the video back.

Nossa cara muito obrigado. No pdg-5b1l on the LCD at all? It was working well until 2 days ago when the power cable was suddenly desconnected. Try reseating the memory module, move it sony pcg-5b1l one slot to another.