Arvin – October 29, Please help me to unlock my E modem. Anesh – January 6, 4: Tell me if my model can also use the sim card for get the internet. A – March 11, 7:

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Free unlock usb modem — http: But, what is the procedure to unlock this phone to use it wiith any SIM.

It worked for me and I can now use Orange line in addition to Airtel line. Ben – February 11, Ayesh – August 19, 7: Alan – September 12, 2: Help me unlock my Huawei Thanks Tomas. Adiro Lateef, pls help me to unlock my modem model no E c imei no huawei i am relay thanks to you smart bro zte mf627 unlock my modem.

Sherif – March 31, Unlock at your own risk. However, the IMEI numbers are not printed on the modem.

Becouse its not on the list u ve posted thanks. But then after some days following same unlock code it was showing error. Please i want you to help me unlock dis morderm…….

To Unlock Any Modems Visit: I mean I shall try. Chuks Handsome – May 20, smart bro zte mf627 Amos Dartey – July 29, 8: Hey guys have you any free tool to enable the voice feature on huwaei eg.

How to Unlock Huawei USB Modem For Free

Entered Unlock code. Aldane – May 5, 4: Peter – November 28, 7: Try this site http: How do i get a different firmware? I refill this code to modem, but code is invalid. Sadisu – Smart bro zte mf627 20, MF S Any help would be appreciated or even free software that works with this unit would be helpful.

How to Unlock Huawei USB Modem For Free | SheepTech

Demola – February 7, Vlad – June 10, 8: E please send me unlock code. Adaeze Okoyeagu – July 10, 6: I already used 2 attempts. And which mt627 generator can I use?

God bless u with more wisdom to help people solve their problem. Keval – December 25, 3: Some forums do offer such service for free—but you would have to wait. I have a modem e imei plis help me send code my modem. Beleive me you will be suprise,, http: Khan – May 9, Felix – February 1, 1: Gursewak Smart bro zte mf627 – January 13, 1: Alkaseem – May 4, 8: