Order by Item Number. This young lady was deaf and had sustained a spinal cord injury, effectively eliminating her hand movement: Go to this website for more info and to follow progress. IntelliKeys is an intelligent, alternative keyboard that plugs into any Macintosh or Windows computer with only the change of a cable. The overlay provides large, well-spaced keys in high-contrast colours to help students locate letters, numbers, words and directional arrows.

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Children can concentrate on the process of their own learning, composing prose, in writing a story, developing an idea or answering questions. IntelliKeys is currently enabling first-time access for senior computer users, creating customized keyboards for individual adaptability in the work environment, and providing access – even serving as a communications device – for patients in acute care and rehabilitation.

The driver source code has been released by Ablenet and a group called ATMakers is working to make it available and functional for use again.

IntelliKeys Keyboard

Classroom Applications IntelliKeys meets the needs of students who face challenges ranging from learning disabilities to significant physical disabilities.

Range of motion Fine motor skills Low vision Multiple cognitive demands Learning disabilities Demonstration View a short intellimeys demo of the Intellikeys keyboard. The organization realized that a standard computer and keyboard wasn’t sufficient to meet the needs of many seniors, who may face reduced mobility or deteriorating eyesight, or varying inteloikeys of disability.

As an inclusive tool, it provides for equity and participation. Rehabilitation Services A Rehabilitation services organization which uses IntelliKeys in its Assistive Technology program, recently invented a new use for the keyboard when it creatively deployed IntelliKeys as a communication device for a intelikeys injured patient in its intensive care unit.

Details IntelliKeys is no longer available.

IntelliKeys: Applications in Grades P-6

A customer care representative will contact you if there is a problem shipping your available item. It can be their hands, eyes, and voice. It is a liberating device as all learners of all abilities can use the board in so many innovative and empowering ways.

Easy to use Switch Interface IntelliKeys is a convenient, flexible switch interface that works with a wide variety of switch-accessible software and helps transition from switch scanning to direct select access. Use of numbers in developing skills with the four operations can be used. Home Library Product Reviews.

Your browser is incompatible with the newest internet security standards Soon, this incompatibility will prevent you from accessing our website. In Grade 1, whole words and simple text strings can be used so that children can construct language. It enables users with physical, visual, or cognitive disabilities to easily type, enter numbers, navigate on-screen displays, and execute menu commands. IntelliKeys USB plugs into the computer’s USB port and provides access for anyone with physical, visual, or cognitive disabilities who has difficulty using a standard keyboard.

Concepts are broken down into manageable components, with streamlined choices, fewer concepts at a time, pictures to support learning—even student photographs for personalization.

IntelliKeys Open Source Rescue

Each represents a different keyboard configuration to facilitate physical and cognitive access. Windows System Requirements Operating System: Absolutely amazing to see! Software required to send custom overlays.

It’s Never 2 Late, founded in and based in Englewood, Colorado, provides computer systems, Internet access and training for seniors in nursing homes, assistive living and retirement communities and adult day care centers. With minimal skills, you can create and design an overlay in minutes.

Concepts are broken down into manageable components, with streamlined choices, fewer concepts at a time, pictures to support learning – even student photographs for personalization. We followed standard protocol, searched for usable switch sites, trialed all kinds of systems and access methods with very little success. Works alongside standard keyboards Works with any keyboard-accessible software Customizable settings with Set-up Overlay or control panel Updates can be downloaded from the web Convenient and flexible switch interface Plugs and unplugs without disruption Turns on or off while connected Macintosh and Windows compatible Includes connecting cable, intellikeyss standard overlays plus a setup overlay, access features chart, system software on CD, User’s Guide, and carrying case.

The standard overlays that are packaged with IntelliKeys have large, bright clear letters and numbers.

Text can be coloured and different fonts and styles can be used to enhance the overlay design. These durable overlays are included with IntelliKeys USB allow students to work with writing, math, and drawing programs; the Internet; and email: Windows System Requirements Operating Intellieys Some students cannot compose at the keyboard, or enter and type their thoughts and ideas fluently.

More advanced overlay design can incorporate more complex and challenging language and concepts. They can create overlays that reflect their interest in TV programs, novels that they are studying, pop stars, favourite music and past times as well as unlimited school related topics.

They compliment classroom practice and contain language and concepts that are taught in schools.