Would a manual transmission swap be a better option perhaps? Other than that, the car runs great, has the 2. When mainline demands on the pump increase, the pressure regulator valve starts choking off converter charge in an attempt to maintain as much mainline as it can. The relatively long flat line between pulses is the distance between the tabs. The height amplitude of the voltage pulses are relative to how quickly the magnetic field changes, which is based on turbine RPM and how quickly the magnetic field responds at high RPM. The manual stated transmission fluid changes at , miles.

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Oil Industry and Related News. Click here to review our site terms of use. A manual swap is awesome, and also, the 3.

CD4E: Coast Pressure Plate (“” Thin)(1/On) – F8RZ-7BAA – Trans Parts Direct

Used Oil Analysis – Diesel. There are five types of drums available from Cd4s. I have overloaded my ranger beyond what any small truck should ever handle. The problem was the early pump didn’t have enough support for the gasket fig. All you have are some DTCs and an impatient customer. Additionally, the signal voltage curve generally flattens out as turbine shaft RPM increases figure 3.

Shame really because I liked them when they were new. Cv4e with that the technician was able to duplicate the problem. At this point we suspected an input to the PCM was more than likely the culprit, and the one input used to calculate converter clutch slip and gear ratios is turbine speed.

Anyone have experience with pressure washer c4de cleaners? Cracked Forward Drums The third problem–cracked forward drums–is probably more common than the first two combined.

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One of my test cars was an unmolested Contour, which had no problem with the new design sensor. You can never have too good of a ground.

Ford CD4E transmission

We went through it and replaced the drum. Find all posts by dirtyd0g. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.

A common complaint heard is the overdrive light starts flashing after a 4—3 heavy throttle kickdown at highway speeds, such as when overtaking another vehicle. The seals inside of the transmission require regular Mercon. Used Oil Analysis – Gasoline.

There’s a bunch of codes for the transmission too. Find all posts by ManualF Go to a trans shop and see what the problem actually is. And we’re not talking about a measly PSI either.

Gas Engine Alternate Fuels.

Hp cd writer cd4e series

Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Was it when he was accelerating? Find all posts by lrhogfan. I started thinking about why the hhp would set with the customer, but not when the technician road tested the car. Print Thread Hop To. Stay on top of your fluid changes up and you’ll be fine. I think the valve body was known for going bad.