My humble opinion is that we should discuss more about technical matters rather than “buy – sell” staff. Yes, Dee, I think we should give you dual citizenship. Thats on older unit. I might be limited to just plugging the thing in and see if any lights come on. You are going out of focus and loosing power there. Something to note I don’t believe the laser was ever replaced or at least not recently so there’s a high possibility this will be needed to be done.

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Legend 24TT Technical Specifications

Virtualization epiilog adds a small overhead with today’s CPUs. I have attached a picture of some of my completed airplanes if anybody is interested. Our guess is that the larger tube was originally manufactured to be a 60 W tube, but falls short of that now that it has been refurbished. The table needs to be parallel to the engraving head. Something to note I don’t believe the laser was ever replaced or at least not recently so there’s a high possibility this will be needed to be done.

Laser Cutting – nothing compares to the quality of a laser cut on many materials. Are you still in focus accross the table?

My first suggestion is to make sure the table is level to the engraving head. But some of advice I received leads me to some other questions.

Replacing the laser tube | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Vector color mapping links speed and power settings to any RGB settings. Rolling buffer allows files of any size 32 MB and larger to be engraved. The package is a tough sealed case made of machined and welded aluminum. Do not use a bubble-level to level the table. I have the opportunity to purchase a used Epilog Legend 24TT for a very good price. I agree with Dan, if you can see peilog run, I would make sure that you can return it if it dosen’t operate.

Find the latest Epilog news on our Facebook Page. Remove the vector grid from the machine. Submit a new link.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

High-speed, continuous-loop, DC servo motors using linear epipog technology for precise positioning. WD to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop.

It is interesting to note that many commercial laser engravers have user serviceable parts inside. We do have have a few members around the state – post your location if you want to get more responses. Thats on older unit. You can still get some parts for itbut there are a few key parts that are not available EG: Laser Marking – how can you affordably mark metal parts with barcodes and logos?

To answer your original question, nothere is no ck system for it other than operating it. One of the most useful tools in our shop is our laser cutter— or more formally, our low power carbon dioxide laser cutting and engraving machine. Well worth the epikog spent.

Epilog lasers can do all the cutting and engraving necessary and an interlock device ensures your safety by preventing the laser from running with the door open. And again, after changing factory settings for AutoFocus from 67 t0 10 I’ve got much better results.

This page was last updated: The possibilities of what you can do with an Epilog laser engraver are 24ty endless, whether making customized items to sell or making a special keepsake for you and your family. Dee, Why don’t you go ahead and change your location to CA. Now the question is would it be nutter to buy this old beast for that cost? The time now is 5: Technical specifications of our Legend 24TT.