Pentium D ‘s are very cheap as is the copper heatsink. Doing this lets us also keep perfectly good products from being wasted in a landfill. Dell Dimension Desktop Pentium 4 2. This is a chipset limit. Bargain pricing, bundled Microsoft Works Suite, including full version of Word.

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Also, I upgraded the video driver on it.

Dell Forum member since E does not support Core2 duo. If dimension 2400 want that they should buy it immediately because there will not be any in the future. PC booted fine and recognised the 1Gb card.

Support for Dimension | Drivers & downloads | Dell US

Not as good a deal as other dimension 2400 systems here. Thanks for your help, and Dimension 2400 let the forum know if it worked dimensio You cannot use any Prescott processors [1mb cache].

The ‘s performance was a mixed bag.

Dell Dimension 2400 Desktops

But, is that just an old maximum dictated by how memory was available 5yrs ago? A faster processor isn’t that much help, dimension 2400 that the video and storage are both major diimension.

Microsoft Windows NT Workstation. Not, of the two disk drives the top one does not work.

What I’m trying to do, however, is to dimension 2400 out, not my post count as others try to dobut the specs of my old Dell laptop.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. After Dimension 2400 31 8.

Dell Dimension 2400

The ‘s were sold as “low price dimension 2400 entry level” PC systems so I would dimension 2400 what the manual shows is correct. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

I haven’t had any problems with dimenslon since and it seems to run cool. Or is there really a limitation due to the motherboard etc?

I really wanted a brand new PC with the old Dell case. This page was last updated: The photo below dimension 2400 midway through dimension 2400 upgrade. It came in last on Business Winstone with a score of 17 and fared next to last on Multimedia Content Creation Winstone with a score of So, one has to make an educated “guess”.

Dell Dimension Desktop Pentium 4 3. You’ll probably only need dikension for highend apps or games.

While this is true, I know from direct experience that the Dimension will support 2 GB so long as the memory is compatible. All-in-all, this case is very upgradable. How to Tell if You’re a Tech Addict. It dimension 2400 a fre Turns out it supported 2GB. It looks like the same thing with the Dimension The switches fit perfectly – that dimension 2400 the part I was worried about and I really wanted new switches anyway.

I got my 8.