The heads are fake, the shafts are fake much too light flex , and the grips are fake. Tag Heurer has a network of retailers that exclusively sell their product Just like many club makers have with the golf stores. Please listen very careful — I recommend not order any golf club from the internet as not famous golf business name from oversea! Instead look at the about us citation. I am still shooting in the range same as my old Intech set. Paypal Verified We have provided additional evidence of our identity to PayPal by passing key security checks and completing the PayPal Verification process.

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The counterfeit Scotty Cameron grip on the bottom is totally different than the authentic.

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

If there is a brand logo, many times the paint fill will be coming out taylormmade the font will be slightly different.

Is rock bottom golf a good site for cheap golf clubs. Seriously guy, I feel absolutely nothing for your loss. It is safe to assume that they are legit for other manufacturers.

Factory Warranty or go to the store. Love an ebay seller actually doing what he said he would do.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs • Golf Club Brokers Blog

This is simply the Golf retail industry trying to protect their markets,albeit with some dubious claims,but business is business and alls fair in a 1r1 eat dog business,: I replied that he was lying because there is no Sunday shipping in the US, his email timeline was 12 hours ahead putting him in China, TaylorMade does not ship directly from their factory in China and since he had violated the terms on his site I would refuse any deliveries and dispute any charges.

The site has good reviews — via a basic Google search — and professes to be selling from the US. Golf Club Brokers taylormadf been selling on eBay since with a Pricing too good to be true?

In case that the package was damaged obviously when arrived. Firstly, we deliver the clubs directly from the original factory, which saves a lot; Secondly, we send the clubs as a gift to avoid the tax.

This fake was pretty spot on. Sent a head to Mizuno who told me they were copies. Here is another one www. The only reason I even attempted rr11 buy clubs from them was because they were one of the only g11 that had a discontinued model of irons TaylorMade Burner 2. I should receive the clubs in a few days. Look for the sign posts.

10 Ways (NOT) To Buy Fake Golf Clubs on EBAY!

Here it is again. I just bought cobra S2 Driver from Ebay.

They obviously have to come through unauthorised channels. I also tried to deal with timtheputterman, Counyerfeit sells sets so cheap that they have to be copies.

pics of a fake r11 compared side by side to a genuine 1

Costco would have profit through volume, not through mandated markups. It shows that in purchasing golf clubs on eBay requires a buyer to taylormdae thorough investigation on the credibility of the seller. Not a nice feeling. They are fakes indeed!!! They must have factories that only build these copies Taylormade Rescue 11 fake or real?

I bet you typed into your Google search engine the worlds golf clubs followed by such words as cheap, bargain, wholesale, really cheap, rockbottom, really super cheap. I asked him what website he ordered? Then the screw started stripping after only 10 changes to the head.

Chris, OEM is an extremely confusing and contradictaroy term. They are Frauds B,i ordered that excact club and it never even shipped. The Hot list can be found on the Entrepreneur Website at http: Do the big sales come in October or November?