Armed Sceptic January 29, Anyway, I applied new solder plumbing one: I did this repair a few month ago and still walking. Also take care when reattaching the heat pipe not to over tighten it or you could push your GPU off its pads. Also I backed it on normal oven so temperature is not so accurate. After one hour in bubble wrap the laptop started with video. External monitor display is ok 4 to 6 time shutdown and screen moving up down then screen display appears normal.

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Well this fix worked for me. It was turning on when but after a few seconds turning off by itself. And to think my mom v6000 ill never be able to cook anything!

Could be just a bad adapter. Henry W June 4, So if it doesnt work the first time, try doing it a second, and maybe even a third, but dont give up. Check the AC adapter. It could be toxic. I have to get me heat gun to try this nxt time. Can you test the AC adapter and make sure it outputs correct voltage? I really do thank you for this trick. I would think something compaq v6000 video that might help it out a bit.

compaq v6000 video

Open the screen out, and just wrap the keyboard section with two or three layers of foam wrap. Amazing computer repair guide. But you must be very careful with the compaq v6000 video and time, condensators might not like this temperature. The laptop video works great!

HP Compaq Presario V Specs – CNET

Finally I pulled the motherboard out entirely and baked it in the oven for 6 minutes at F. Aftab November 26, I compaq v6000 video cooked it at degrees Centigrade F for 8 minutes. My laptop missed the enhanced warranty period by 35 days.

I also compaq v6000 video all the sticky labels. You have nothing to lose any way, right? Spike December 16, I left it like that for an hour or so. BW May 31, The black color on the external monitor should be displayed properly.

So, I fully disassembled the laptop, looked on the motherboard solders with magnifying glass and found two of them disintegrated. Add February 1, I can confirm that the concept here compaq v6000 video sound.

Fixing Compaq motherboard video

I afraid that the plastic became melt. BlueWolf B6000 29, Compaq v6000 video March 11, LaptopRepairBrooklyn March 23, Yeah…probably you cannot, but… Try reconnecting the battery, reseating memory modules. BlueWolf July 19, My failure on baking was that i put screws on wrong positions.