Warlord, the power’s in his hands, Warlord, savior of this land! Once you had the money baby, and you didn’t have to steal You’re a case of pride and I know just how you feel. But we’re having a good time Living life on the line, yeah Having a good time And I feel fine. Lies, lies, lies, you never seem to tell the truth I’ve never seen so much rubbish and it’s written by you You call yourselves the Gentlemen of the Press Well who are your bosses? We defy our foes and traitors- self-defence is no offence From our moors, lakes and mountains, we will fight save our lands European strength and spirit, oh we wield it in our hands! So now another victim is forgotten Is murder just glossed over like a dream When the politicians tell you that they stand for you Remember they are never what they seem.

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Now look at a sick society, look back in time Now look at a sick society, who commits the crime?

Blood Of The Kings Lyrics – Skrewdriver

Gotta change our policies and hang the IRA Let the Army deal with them their way Corrupt politicians and sniveling left-wing scum Are quite content to let them get away Come on Ulster! Are you trying to mess us up now, trying to make us quit? Then came the deadly road back on the steppes of their retreat The cold racked their bodies, but worse was the pain of defeat And people who had hailed them once now turned and looked away These people now knew that the beast was on his way You finally came back to the borders of your Fatherland Now enemies came, traitors everywhere at hand Many people had fought and died, knowing that they had to win And still it sickens my heart to see the picture of the Red flag in Berlin.

Open up your eyes Can you see clearly?

Skrewdriver – Blood Of The Kings lyrics

But in the heart, where the fire kongs forever Where life goes on, for those who fell in battle The gods are waiting, the skrewdrivet he falls in the fight And he will rise, when the sun goes down. I saw our people proud and free No more traitors I could see No more lies to make us slaves Freedom brought a brave new world. Did they play the death march as they lowered you kf Back with a bang now! You never see politicians out there standing on the streets They don’t care if your kids are fed or got shoes upon their feet They don’t know what’s happening, they don’t see what’s going on If they did, they’d all be screaming “What the hell is going on?!

Skrewdriver:Blood Of The Kings Lyrics

Our backs once more, against the wall Survive we will It’s ot been planned, a dying land We’ll fight and kill. No one knows what it’s like to the bad man To be the sad man, behind blue eyes No one knows what its like, to be baited To be slated, for telling you no lies. He knows if we still live, we’ll never give in We know what he’s doing, yeah, we’ll never give in And that’s why he’s trying to destroy our White pride And he will be hell-bound on a one-way ride.

We’ve been through many battles, lost comrades on the way To give lyrivs quietly, well their, memories would betray So much march now onwards, to meet our destiny For fate is in our own hands, and that’s the way that It’s got to be now. When I went away, everything was pure and clean And now there’s rubbish all around Where there was light, now suddenly it’s dark Yeah this land hlood going down, down, down, down.

If I lryics a man who’d been away for twenty years or more And then I’d come back once again And I saw the changes that had happened since I’d gone Well I’d think I’d gone insane.

You’ve robbed the whole world’s people, taken them for fools Took their land, you’ve ruined lives and imposed your alien rules Sat back and you rubbed your hands, and you took them for a ride. Are you one of those who is always keeping quiet?

And still today they keep on lying Four years on and they still ain’t learned Now you have died, whilst fighting for your country Ylrics ‘gainst an enemy that’s within Now I’ll make a promise to your memory, Albert Mariner We’ll keep on fighting, until we win Yeah, we’ll never forget you. Survival is our life, we live skreqdriver day to day You never know who you’re going to meet in our money making state Everybody lives here now, the dustbin of the world An unwelcome pool of labour, with our promises of pearls For so long now, we’ve heard their lies When will they heed our people’s cries?

The anger against lryics police is an accusation of corruption, but it is also an accusation of discrimination- but against the skinhead!

At the kinhs of the brother war, the pain was so much klngs As the instigators stage-managed the dying, Das Sterbend And they tried to take your life, back in But I hope that the spirit once again is rising Aufstand. As I board the ship of destiny, I look back to see The setting sun going down by your shoulder, gloom descends on me You’re my calm in the raging waters, of the stormy seas You’re the one thing that keeps me sane, on the ship of destiny.

He said to me, Why worry? Cobwebs have all gathered, they now obscure the view Majorities are in a trance, and the fight’s left to the few.

kongs But really there is no excuse for doing what you do Living in a dream world, leave the fighting to the few To waste your life like this, must surely be a crime? If the Red don’t kill you, the rich man will! Can’t spare you the time You’re just another beggar to me. Put it all behind me, ’til another day It’s a daily battle, fight it ’til the end One day they’ll realise I’m not gonna bend now.

Stand by what you believe thr, never let your people down When the flak mounts all around you, keep on smiling you must never frown If kongs situation gets to you, let another wind you down If hhe stand by what you believe in, they can never keep you down. I ain’t gonna be no rich man’s tool I ain’t gonna cut my hair Gonna wear boots and a short-haired crop Watch the train. I’ve been waiting bleedin’ soft, in my gloomy room Got no money to get out, now got to break out from this tomb I know exactly what I’ll do, and baby you can’t say I’m wrong I know just what I want, lygics I’ll get it before too long chorus instrumental break chorus Everyday is getting worse and I’m feeling down and blue You’ve got to realise the importance of this move Gotta break out from my thoughts, I’ve gotta try to carry on I know just what I want, and I’ll get it before too long chorus Europe’s calling!

Blood of The Kings Skrewdriver Lyrics

He looks to the east, he worships the beast Nothing but air in his head Appears in your eyes, peddling lies Selling ideas that are dead. I ain’t got no money or a set of wheels It’s such a drag Lookin’ at the posers and their flashy cars I’m just walkin’ round Their gonna??????? I don’t like you I don’t like you I don’t like you anymore ! Come shining down now, on me and lyrice, yeah chorus Why can’t the sun, come shining down?