Saint Pro would be a good choice if you want to find something similar to the Avenger. Like its namesake, t…. Discraft Fairway Drivers — Total Ranking 4. Here are my picks for the best understable fairway drivers: The Proton’s are a bit more OS, and will give you the tighter lines you’re looking for. Mid-Ranges Innova Mako3 – Speed: I got a mystery box.

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[Compare] Discraft and Latitude 64 Fairways and Controls [Archive] – Disc Golf Course Review

When thrown flat at a lower speed, they should produce a relativity straight flight path. Fqirway problem is, you’re going to run into a lot of overlap between Discraft and Lat because the discs you are trying to separate as control and fairway are only. Fixed costs are the absolute death of tiny companies the world over, and you would be much better operating out of your front room, and the trunk of your car.

Personally, I think you would be crazy to open an actual shop, unless your rent is basically zero dollars. Please read and respect our rules. You can simply remove the item from your cart.

Pro Tips – Top 15 Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

The Buzzz comes in many plastic variations and is a stable fairwzy understable disc, which will hold any line you put it on. The Discraft Pro-D Cyclone is a legendary, extra long range, stable fairway driver 1.

Discraft Stratus – Pro D. For an experienced player, a Comet can make just about any shot you can imagine. If you don’t separate them, definitely get a River or two for straight to understable, Saint for straight and Saint Pro or Avenger for OS. I have found MVP, Innova and Trilogy to be exceptionally good to deal with directly, and Disfraft would be very surprised to hear any of those companies are not wholeheartedly keen to do business with you.

Discraft Sting Review

Understable fairway drivers are very versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. As far as putters go, their popular molds are Magnet, Challenger, Focus, and Zone. I choose the Teebird because it’s got a smaller diameter and better wind fighting ability.

It has great glide and high turning ability making it a great hyzer flip disc. I got a mystery box. Stalker offers players a dependably straight distance driver, forgives small release errors and produces soft landings that won’t skip away from the target on impact.

Discraft Predator – Z Dyed. Latitude 64 Fairway Drivers — Total Ranking 4. One of my friends loves the Heat and the Stalker. Love that disc with a passion. Easy to throw and easy to control, the Impact will help you to stay in the fairway and lower your scores.

The Xpress will hold that turnover line and keep on gliding. The Tremor holds true for straight to anhyzer lines. Legacy’s Patriot bst Rival are the second best fairway lineup out there imo.

The Tracker is an Fairway Driver with pinpoint accuracy and superior performance. Stalkers are great discs to be fair. The Discraft Elite Z Glide is a long range understable fairway driver The Ruby allows beginner throwers to avoid the low-speed fade. The Ace Race prototype is now the Impact. By comparison, if one of these players tried to throw an overstable disc the disc would likely hyzer out too earlier. We have come up with a list of the top 15 disc golf discs for beginners.

Your experience might differ – fairaay I would push you in any direction apart from that one, personally.

Grab a Glide when you need a little more controlled distance, …. If you release these discs with a ton of power on a hyzer angle that should flip to flat with ease.

The one thing about teebirds is that every one I have thrown is good.