During final testing, though, a bad stick of RAM was found. With that part of the mystery solved, the unofficial drivers were located and reinstalled. Sure enough, Friday afternoon saw the delivery of the new laptop. It was this simple poor lack of design for a such a, then high-end, laptop. This experience is a window into something that ASUS needs to address from the top down; a deep level of failure in their support structure that is fundamentally flawed.

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Core i7 QM Sandy Bridge family 2. Was it a pre-B3 chipset? This may help with your situation. Resting my left wrist on the case while typing now often causes this same problem – the touchpad senses that I am touching the pad against it’s far left side.

I definitely will not put myself in a position where I have to deal with ASUS tech support directly ever again.

touuchpad The problematic G73JH would be replaced. How do these things even happen? Despite the horrible experience that Nick had, I have always felt that ASUS tech support was not worth dealing with, which is why I always buy them through retailers that cover the warranty. I mean, it seems like the techs were probably just as frustrated as you were, but damn All movement appears to be at the left edge of the touchpad, or, 2.

I really do appreciate the work Chris did to make sure things were right before shipping the laptop. I was afraid to do anything that would prevent me from getting to the door in under half a second—with the way my luck was going, that would be the exact moment my usual FedEx delivery guy would show up.

ASUS G73jh Touchpad Palmrest 13n0-h3a0a01 13GNY81AP | eBay

Why is that important? Unfortunately nobody present at the time could identify the model, so things would be delayed a day.

I have visions of expensive hardware making a graceful arc into a trash bin if this one fails. No worries though, as the repair shop had already been notified and a replacement part should be delivered that day. USB acting fancy, tuchpad for no reason on self sleep mode.

G73Jh Touchpad Disable

Touchpad Here touuchpad what happens with my g73jh. I also found out that when I put pressure about an inch left of the touchpad it becomes impossible to use.

Results 1 to 10 of I had the problem with the touchpad this morning and opening the moodpad didn’t work. No worries though, someone would be in the next day to ID the board and things would move quickly.

Troubleshooting ASUS G73 Touchpad Problems

In testing, he determined one of the fans was making a bit of noise. Don’t think this is a forgotten issue. I have a g73jh-rbbx05 that I got off ebay from parts unknown I think it was a US BestBuy model when it was brand new, I re-pasted the CPU and GPU for funzies due to forum recommendations but have not touched it otherwise, works like a dreamboat, still going after having it’s arse handed to it for 2 years plus, never had a single issue With moodpad I see 2 things, sometimes moodpad register the movement but the mouse doesn’t move in windows.

Finally ASUS acknowledged that this machine was an irredeemable lemon. I simply just deleted SynTPhelper.

Obviously, this resulted in only vertical movement, as the touchpad thought I was simply moving up and down. Everything seemed to be working again, again. Then the touchpad ribbon issue another well known poor design flaw was preventing many not mine Also, please ensure the latest DirectX update is installed – Download details: Nick goes to his happy place. The moodpad showed that the touchpad sensed all of my touches as being touchpas the far left edge of the moodpad asuus simply moving up and down – even though I was actually using the entire surface of the touchpad.

ASUS G73jh Touchpad Palmrest 13n0-h3a0a01 13GNY81AP081

This just reinforces that sentiment. I’m often in a position where using an external mouse is not an option. Notice the laptop with the external keyboard on the table?